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Etisafe-3 Etizolam 3 mg is usually prescribed to treat people with short-term anxiety and/or insomnia. It works by reducing any excessive or abnormal activity of neurons. In other words, it has a relaxing effect on the brain. Etisafe-3 is the strongest branded version of Etizolam currently available on the market. If you need a lower dose of Etizolam, we produce other options available. We even have these versions of Etizolam that you can easily find here on our site:

Etivan-2 Etizolam 2 mg manufactured by INTAS Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Atizolm-1 mg Etizolam tablets manufactured by Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Etisafe-3 Etizolam 3 mg belongs to a group of drugs called benzodiazepines. Although it then falls into a different category, namely the class of thienotriazolizodiazepines. In terms of molecular structure, etizolam remains very similar to other benzodiazepines; the main difference is that it is a thiophene ring rather than a type of benzene; it is this difference that makes etizolam of particular interest to researchers.


This Tablet should be taken orally; they are best swallowed whole with a glass of water; they are taken either with or without food. It should be noted, however, that taking them with meals can help you remember to ask for the tablets so that you do not miss a dose. This will help maintain a constant level of medication in your body and maximize the effect. Buy etisafe 3mg USA

This medication should be taken only in the dosage and duration prescribed by your doctor. If you are considering not completing the prescribed treatment, you should always consult your doctor or primary care physician before stopping the medication, as premature discontinuation of Etizolam 3 mg may potentially cause nausea and anxiety. Prolonged use of this medication should first be discussed with your doctor or primary care physician, with regular monitoring of blood and liver functions.

Etisafe 3 Etizolam 3 mg Side effects

The following side effects may also occur when you receive treatment with this medication. Buy Etizolam USA

Eizotepinephrine Eizotropin

stuttering speech
Muscle weakness
Altered libido
Visual disturbances
Etisafe 3 mg Etizolam tablets should be swallowed whole without breaking, chewing, or crushing them; they should not be taken with alcohol or while driving or operating machinery. Neither during pregnancy nor while breastfeeding; it is also strongly recommended that this medication not be taken by people with liver or kidney failure. Consult a doctor before taking this tablet. Buy Etizolam 3 mg online

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