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What is Vitaros  (alprostadil) Cream?

Vitaros cream is a medicine that is utilized to treat erectile brokenness by making it simpler for you to get an erection.  So, Vitaros cream contains the dynamic fixing alprostadil.

So, Vitaros cream is applied straightforwardly into the kickoff of your penis (the urethra) utilizing a needle-like gadget So, called a tool.

A utensil is incorporated in the event that you request Vitaros cream with Superdrug Online Doctor.

What is alprostadil?

So, Alprostadil comes from a group of medications called prostaglandins. These drugs loosen up the veins in your body making them augment, permitting more blood to stream.

You can utilize alprostadil cream to treat erectile brokenness by applying it straightforwardly to your penis. As your  So, blood stream increments with the assistance of the cream, you may track down your erectile tissue to turn out to be firm which brings about an erection.

How would you utilize Vitaros cream?

Vitaros So arrives in a utensil, a container of cream, which contains sufficient cream for one use. Vitaros ought to be put away in the cooler as it must be kept at room temperature for as long as 3 days.

To utilize Vitaros cream you should:

  • Wash your hands with a cleanser and water
  • Remove an implement of Vitaros from the cooler, a couple of hours before you intend to utilize it or warm it by rolling the utensil between your hands. Crush the top of the penis to make the opening more extensive
  •  Hold the tip of the barrel as close as conceivable to the tip of your penis without putting it inside
  • Drive the unclogger to apply the cream into the penis until everything of cream in the instrument has been utilized
  • Hold the penis upstanding for 30 seconds to allow the cream to produce results
  • Push any cream that doesn’t go in straight away into the tip of the penis utilizing your finger. Try not to go through a subsequent cylinder to make for a cream that doesn’t go in.

Vitaros should begin working within 30 minutes of applying it, yet for certain individuals, Vitaros cream works inside 5 minutes. The impacts ordinarily keep going for 1 to 2 hours.

We suggest that you pass pee prior to utilizing Vitaros. You ought to stay away from passing pee following utilizing the cream as it might come out before it has sufficient opportunity to work.

Vitaros will not typically give you an erection except if you’re excited.

In the event that you discover you actually don’t get and keep an erection hard enough for sex with Vitaros cream, your PCP could possibly expand your portion. Buy Vitaros Online

In the event that your accomplice is pregnant, attempt to try not to get any Vitaros cream on them. To do this, we suggest that you engage in sexual relations utilizing a condom after you’ve applied the cream.

Would you be able to infuse alprostadil?

You can’t infuse Vitaros cream, yet there is an alprostadil infusion that you can get recommended.

The alprostadil infusion isn’t assistance that we as of now offer at Superdrug Online Doctor. On the off chance that you need to discover more about the alprostadil infusion, you should converse with your GP.

Where would I be able to purchase Vitaros (Alprostadil) cream?

You can purchase Vitaros through our Online Doctor administration.

Fill in a short online survey about your overall wellbeing and your erectile brokenness (ED). This should just require a couple of moments to do


A specialist will audit your survey to check whether Vitaros is reasonable for you

We will mail the Vitaros watchfully to your preferred location. Or then again, you can decide to gather your request from your closest Superdrug Pharmacy

You can’t get Vitaros through your NHS GP. GPs can endorse tablets for ED, however, they can’t recommend creams, infusions, or gadgets.

Vitaros cream side effects

So, As Vitaros cream is applied straightforwardly to the penis, the results frequently for the most part influence your penis and your accomplice’s privates. Buy Vitaros Online

The most widely recognized results are:

  • pain, itching, or tenderness in your penis
  • tingling or throbbing of your penis
  • swelling in the skin of your penis
  • inflammation or irritation around the head of the penis
  • mild burning and itching in your partner’s genitals during or after sex

Side effects should improve after 1 to 2 hours.

On the off chance that you get results, you ought to address a specialist.

Your primary care physician could possibly decrease your portion of Vitaros to see whether your results improve. There are different medicines accessible on the off chance that you get results with Vitaros, for example?

  • tablets for ED like Viagra; see our full scope of erectile brokenness medicines
  • gadgets to help, for example, penis siphons

Stop using Vitaros cream and call your doctor at once if you have:

  • a tipsy inclination, for example, feeling like you may drop;
  • a difficult erection that keeps going 4 hours or more;
  • new or deteriorating torment in your penis; or
  • redness, expanding, delicacy, protuberances, uncommon shape or bending of the erect penis

Vitaros cream reviews

We recommend that you look at a few different websites for reviews of Vitaros cream. This way, you get reviews from people of different ages and backgrounds.



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