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With over 35 years industry experience, we offer health and wellness solutions for patients and consumers

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Promoted Products

We market and distribute a portfolio of health and wellness brands both directly and collaborating with strategic partners around the globe.

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Wholesale & Distribution

With a broad portfolio, we are specialists in the procurement and distribution of health and wellness products across the pharmaceutical, OTC, hospital and medical consumables/devices industries. 

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We participate in private and government tenders, have strong ties to government and private institutional health care who see us as a reliable, cost-effective supplier of goods and services.

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Wholesale & Distribution

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Alphamedschemist procures and supplies a wide range of pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, devices and complementary health products, with value added services including:

  • Dedicated contact point who endeavours to understand your business and has strong product knowledge.
  • Customer service that ensure responsively, reliability and accuracy.
  • Best practice and processes designed to ensure efficiencies, minimise risk, errors and deliver what you need, when you need.
  • Intelligence on product purchasing patterns to ensure your business is able to better manage the inventory working capital.
  • Robust due diligence on product sourcing to ensure highest quality, regulatory compliance and consistent supply.
  • Warehousing solution.
  • Competitive pricing and deals.
  • Extensive distribution network with high customer coverage in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.
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Alphamedschemist participates in both private institutional and government tenders, either directly or working with business partners where necessary.

  • We have strong ties to government and private institutional health care clients who see us as a reliable, cost-effective supplier partner of quality goods and services.
  • We work closely with our clients to ensure minimal disruptions to supply and issues are managed¬† promptly with suitable solutions.
  • We have PICS, WHO, TGA and/or MRA certified suppliers on board for the reliable and trusted source for the supply, depending on the particular market.
  • We are also open to working with new suppliers where their products complement our current portfolio for tenders.
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Alphamedschemist has a portfolio of healthcare brands that it markets and distributes either directly or in collaboration with strategic partners for the various territories.

  • Continued focus to develop products which are not only based on market demand, but also increasingly innovative that would make a difference to health outcomes for a patient or consumer.
  • We also partner with other suppliers in exclusive licence arrangements to add interesting products to the portfolio, and we are open to new partnerships for in-licencing where brand development is required.
  • We have product development collaborations across the globe to assist our research and development efforts.
  • We also have sales, marketing and medical education capabilities to drive brand recognition of the product and instil confidence in health professionals on the use of our brands.
  • We partner in licensing interesting and innovative products, and assist with market entry.
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