About Us

Our History

Alphamedschemist . commenced operation in 1985, initially exporting to the Fiji and the other South Pacific island markets. By 1990 Alphamedschemist had become one of the largest distributors of pharmaceutical products to Fiji Alphamedschemist now has a well-established its supply chain through to pharmacies, private hospitals, medical clinics and government tenders in the South Pacific region.

Over time, Alphamedschemist also expanded its portfolio of healthcare products to consumer healthcare/OTC and medical consumables, and implemented geographical expansion into new territories.

From 1998 onwards, the strategic focus of the business shifted from being just a wholesaler/distributor/exporter to an organization that can develop and market new and innovative brands, with strong commercial relationships with key stakeholders, including suppliers and customers.

Our Values

  • Put patients and consumers wellness and benefit at the forefront of our activities.
  • Continuously instil processes to ensure ethical, fair and transparent business dealings with external parties.
  • Aspire to high standards in our internal processes and with robust governance standards.
  • Commit to employee education and training to help them realise their full potential.
  • Strive to work with our suppliers and partners in a collaborative and responsive way to provide cost effective, reliable and timely solutions to reach a win-win outcome.

Our Operations and Partnership


Alphamedschemist. has an office and a pharmaceutical certified warehouse in Seven Hills (NSW, Australia) from where products can be consolidated and dispatched.

Alphamedschemist also has affiliated companies and partners in the South Pacific region to provide extensive customer coverage for sales, marketing and medical education, as well as for distribution & logistics in the region.

All our internal processes are according to high governance standards and dynamic SOPs, so as to maintain our high-quality management systems and cost-effective supply solutions.

We have partnerships with a wide range of supplies who are PICS, WHO, TGA and/or MRA certified. We source from all over the world and are open for new partnerships.


Our People

Underpinning Alphamedschemist capabilities are individuals with substantial functional and Australian/South Pacific regional experience, as well as strong healthcare/commercial backgrounds and networks in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Included in the team are pharmacists with experience in both retail and hospital pharmacy, substantial experience in a multi-national pharmaceutical company in strategy and new business development, and a long history of operational experience across the product development, market research/analytics, sales/marketing and distribution/logistics functions.