Hyperautomation is trend number one on Gartner’s list of Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020.

The term, Hyperautomation, coined by Gartner, brings together several components of process automation such as OCR, RPA, iPaaS, Machine Learning and AI and integrates these tools and technologies to amplify the ability to automate work and helps enterprises to capitalize on the automation tools that run their businesses.

Hyperautomation starts with robotic process automation (RPA) at its core. RPA software has helped business process owners to automate repetitive and entry-level tasks that earlier were done manually. With the early adopters of these tools, who initially experimented with Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) and business rules engines, seeing benefits of the efficiency brought to their standard processes, their desire to adopt these intelligent technologies is increasing.

By expanding the automation capability of RPA tools with OCR, artificial intelligence (AI), process mining, and analytics, these businesses are now starting to see how the capturing of visual data, text from unstructured documents, and applying prebuilt machine learning models to allow improvement for processes helps them get greater benefits from the RPA strategies.

To learn more about one of our major journeys in RPA and hyperautomation, take a look at our case study on a solution we designed and developed for a leading mall properties owner for a robust and fast receipt processing and invoice validation and data submission process for their rewards program.

As with all RPA journeys, the start step for hyperautomation begins with Process Discovery to understand the company’s existing processes to identify the steps that can be automated. UCS can work with your business process owners to gather information on the tasks that can be automated and then guide you from the basic process automation to cognitive automation with artificial intelligence skills and capabilities throughout by incorporating intelligence in the process automation. walgreens, cvs, walgreens near me, cvs near me, rite aid, cvs covid vaccine, labcorp, cvs covid test, fidelity login, cvs pharmacy, lowes near me, fedex near me, walgreens.covid testing, chase online, walgreens covid vaccine, express, stores, walmart pharmacy, publix near me, cinemark, walgreens pharmacy, pharmacy, american express login, pharmacy near me, good rx, walgreens photo, aol mail login, you, att login, msn.com, w, www, kroger pharmacy, rite aid near me, drug store, united healthcare, express scripts, rite aid covid vaccine, att store, unitedhealthcare, cvs pharmacy hours, fedex customer service, publix pharmacy, stores open near me, aetna login, verizon wireless login, minute clinic, comcast login, cvs minute clinic, walgreens pharmacy hours,cvs pharmacy inc, ups customer service, walmart pharmacy hours, duane reade, sign in, riteaid, co, labcorp near me, costco pharmacy, rite aid covid test, cvs.com, cvs pharmacy near me, cvs hours, 24 hour pharmacy near me, aol mail sign in, cvs caremark, passport photos near me, aol mail 295, carmax near me, optumrx, mark cuban, optimum login, portal, where’s the closest pharmacy, rite aid pharmacy, cvs vaccine, walgreens.com, pill finder, boutiques near me, cigna, walgreen, ride stock, for, optum, walgreens hours, state farm login, cvs rapid covis test, att email, www., cvs covid tests, med express, xfinity email login, cigna login, pharmacies, aids, walmart delivery, walmart cerca de mi, comcast email login, .com, optimum customer service.walgreens booster shots, xfinity.com, att near me, drug store near me, walgreen pharmacy, cost plus world market, target pharmacy, myverizon, att.net email, lowe’s near me, target ps5, at&t login, comcast customer service number, optum bank, optimum online, wellcare, www.msn.com, walgreens vaccine, united healthcare login, drugs, adult store near me, blink, price rite, more, att mail, lowes.com, comcast phone number, prescription, walgreens weekly ad, fedex phone number, drugstore, aol.com login, ucsb gold, drugstore near me, all greens